PIMA CD4 100 Test / CD4 25x Cartridge Kit / Bead Standard Cartridge

PIMA CD4 100 Test - Routine Business
PIMA CD4 25x Cartridge Kit
PIMA CD4 Bead Standard Cartridge

An automated, image-based, immune haematology test intended for the rapid in vitro quantitative measurement of CD3 /CD4 T cells (T-Helper cells) in capillary or venous whole blood. Pima CD4 determines the absolute count of CD3 /CD4 cells and is intended to be used for the ongoing monitoring of absolute CD4 lymphocyte counts in patients with documented diagnosis of an immunodeficiency disease. Pima CD4 is intended for in vitro diagnostic use.

An external control material for daily quality control (QC) on the Pima Analyser and controls instrument setup and performance, and data analysis. It comprises two ready-to use test cartridges, Pima Beads (normal) and Pima Beads (low), with set amounts of fluorescent spots. Daily QC should be performed before testing of patient samples or after any relocation of the Pima Analyser. Each test takes approx. 7 minutes. The Pima Bead Standard is for in vitro diagnostic use.